Building the Bridge

Unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, is a major problem in the UK and around the world.

We think there are two keys to finding work: initiative and your own network. However, it’s our opinion that many students, young people and the unemployed are not developing these essential skills.

Building The Bridge is a social enterprise and we, through our projects and programmes, aim to combine these two things and help students, young people and the unemployed help themselves to find jobs.

At the heart of our programmes, we working with participants and help them arrange to conduct video interviews with a range of businesses in the industries they are interested in so that they can find out more about them and the industries they work in.

The interview will address questions like:

  • What the interviewee has done to achieve their position within their field or organisation;
  • What it is like to work in the field that they work in;
  • What skills they have learned along the way; and
  • What advice would they would give to a person like them seeking to develop a similar career.

We believe these videos will build and evolve into a comprehensive careers resource that is accessible to all.

To grow our interview library, we will, eventually, crowdsource other videos from schools, colleges, universities and other organisations that work with the young and unemployed.

Intended Impact

Through our programmes, each student, young or unemployed person will gain:

  • Months of training and mentoring in employability, communication, networking and taking initiative through involvement in our programme (length and exact make-up of the programme will be dependent on the organisation we work with and their needs);
  • Experience of networking and building their own network in career areas of their choice;
  • Valuable work/volunteer experience;
  • Development of a ‘digital’ CV and demonstrable evidence of employability skills like communication and initiative; and
  • Contribution to an initiative that benefits not only them but also other people like them.

Each completed video will then be edited and made available via a YouTube channel and our website, where they will be supplemented by other relevant resources.


The Team

Adrian Swinscoe – Founder

My name is Adrian Swinscoe and I’m the Building The Bridge project.Adrian Swinscoe

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have had a varied career that has taken in teaching in the UK and overseas, working as an economist, working in and with a number of large corporate institutions such as Shell, FT, The Economist Group, Mowlem to consulting to hundreds of smaller businesses to help them improve profitability and develop through customer centric growth strategies. You can learn more about me and my consulting business at RARE Business and my blog

We’re only getting started on our journey and I’ve been ably and generously helped, and continue to be helped, by a number of people along the way. They are too many to list here but they know who they are. Huge thanks goes to all of them.




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